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- Circulars/Memorandums -
General Circulars/Rules/Guidelines
  1. Office Memorandum for Foreign Deputation Proposal on account of Coronavirus(COVID-19) (Dated 17-03-2020)
  2. Office Memorandum for Delegation of power of rescheduling deputation proposals (Dated 16-12-2019)
  3. Circular for submission of AIPR regarding Vigilance Clearance (Dated 24-07-2019)
  4. Instructions/rules for adoption/compliance by all with regard to submission of proposals for foreign-collaborations for research projects and/or signing of MoUs/MoAs with foreign Institutions/organizations/agencies (Dated 08-05-2019)
  5. Instruction for Processing of foreign visits of officers of government of India for approval of Screening Committee of Secretaries (SCoS) (Dated 16-05-2019)
  6. Foreign deputation report proforma (Dated 24-01-2019)
  7. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) For DARE-ICAR FVMS (Dated 12-01-2019)
  8. List of foreign collaborative Projects approved by DARE (Dated 01-04-2019)
  9. ARS study leave rules 1991
  10. Revised guidelines for deputation cases (Dated 17-11-2004)
  11. Foreign visit revised guidelines 2016 (Dated 21-03-2016)
  12. Revised checklist Guidelines/Instructions for processing foreign visits (Dated 01-03-2018)
  13. Delegation of powers for deputation abroad and approval/review of MoU/Work Plan of DARE/ICAR (Dated 13-06-2014)
  14. Uploading of foreign visit proposal (Dated 09-11-2017)
  15. Memorandum for clarification of processing of foreign visit proposals where PME Cell has recommended proposals (Dated 13-09-2017)
  16. Allowance Entitlements (Dated 21-09-2010)
  17. Foreign deputation report (Dated 24-01-2019)
Specific Circulars
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