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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) For DARE-ICAR FVMS (Dated 02-04-2024))     Circular for submission of AIPR regarding Vigilance Clearance     Instructions/rules for proposals for foreign-collaborations for research projects...(Dated 08-05-2019)     List of foreign collaborative Projects approved by DARE(Dated 01-04-2019)

Foreign Visit Management System of DARE-ICAR (DARE-ICAR FVMS) is an online system for managing all activities of foreign visits/training/fellowships undertaken by ICAR employees. The work flow process of foreign visit application is digitized in FVMS thereby reducing delays in foreign visit proposals. The system enables the employee to submit the application online which goes through the online approval process and the status of the application is displayed to the employee. Email notification about the approval of the application is also automated. The employee and concerned officials will get the email notifications in their official email. It will benefit both applicant and DARE officers in processing of visit application more efficiently and transparently. System will maintain repository on the foreign visit deputation report in searchable format.


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